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The current state of the quality of urban soils in Bucharest


Keywords: soil quality, urban areas, assessment, pollution

The soil cover is subject to anthropogenic changes as well as other geoecosystems subjected to pressures due to sources. The results are recorded for the soil cover depending on the type of anthropogenic manifestations, intensity, nature and number of their manifestations. Moreover, the interferences with the natural landscapes intervene and from here appear the evaluation process difficulties. In most cases it is considered that the urban landscape is distinguished by a series of peculiarities regarding the quality of the urban hydrosphere, an atmosphere and the biosphere, as well as a series of changes in the pedosphere, as a result of land use. Notable for the soil cover, being particularly important is the soil cover the surface of the pedosphere. The complex of ecological parameters can provide important information on the flows and balance within the ecological system. The ecological importance of urban soils has long been underestimated. Urban soils were protected only as a support for construction. It was not until the early 1970s that the first approaches to the study and classification of urban soils were initiated. We can say that in 2020 the situation is completely different, in the sense that urban soils are studied and evaluated periodically in terms of quality.