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Peer Review Process

Paper Submission

The corresponding or submitting author submits the Paper and Publishing Agreement to the Journal via online system ( or by email

Editorial Office Assessment

The Editorial Office checks the paper’s composition and arrangement against the paper template to make sure it includes the required sections and proper references. The quality of the paper is not assessed at this point.

Editor-In-Chief Approval

The Editor-In-Chief checks that the paper is appropriate for the journal topics and sufficiently original and interesting. If not, the paper may be rejected without being reviewed any further. The answer is received within 2 weeks.

Reviewers Assessment

For each paper the peer-review process is performed by two specialists, members of the Editorial Advisory Board. The peer-review process is double-blind, when neither authors nor reviewers know each other's name or affiliations. The decision recommended to the Editorial Office could be: accepted, rejected, paper need minor revision, paper need major revision. For Reviewer's Questionnaire read more. In order to check the originality, the papers will be verified with an online plagiarism software (;

Editors Evaluate the Reviews

The editors consider all the returned reviews before making an overall decision. If the reviews differ widely, the editors may invite an additional reviewer to get an extra opinion before making a decision.


The final decision is received within 4 weeks, when the author received an email.

  • If the article is accepted, the paper is included in RJEEC for publishing.
  • If the article is sent back for either major or minor revision, the e-mail includes constructive comments from the reviewers to help the author improve the article. Where only minor changes were requested this follow-up review will be done by the editors. If the paper request major revision, the paper must be submitted within one month in order to be revaluated by the Editorial Advisory Board.
  • If the article is rejected, the author will receive the reviewers feed-back.