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Implementing an Innovation Management System at National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology - ECOIND


Keywords: standard, management, system, innovation

The paper presents the activities performed for the implementation of the innovation management system integrated into the existent quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system of the institute. The basic terms used in the project are defined and the international and Romanian standards are explained. The results obtained consist in identifying, introducing and describing the processes related to innovation and establishing the interaction of these processes with the other processes of the management system, establishing the policy and objectives related to innovation, reviewing the system procedures and the quality, environmental and occupational health, and safety management manual to include the innovation processes and elaborating the occupational procedures in order to keep these processes under control. The paper shows the main benefits of the innovation management system and the impact of this system for INCD ECOIND in several aspects: technical, technological, economic, social, and environmental.